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Sunday Liturgical Worksheets

Appropriate for ages 3-7, though some 9 year olds are enjoying it too!
Liturgical Worksheets
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Guidelines for use
  1. This is not a substitute for mass. We encourage you to guide your child as you follow the mass together. Mentioning and pointing to the various things that happen during mass
    Encourage them to listen to the readings and notice what the priest is doing especially during consecration.
  2. Follow your child as she/he shows interest or disinterest. If she/he is particularly fascinated with something, use that as a cue to explain more details. If your child is not interested, it’s ok, we all have our moods, you will get another opportunity later. Choose what suits you and your child, experiment what works best and be open to adjusting it to your child’s needs.You may use this before, during or after mass whichever works best for you and your child.
  3. The purpose is to accentuate the experience and understanding in a simple, fun and meaningful way.Before mass is a good way to prepare them for what to keep their ears open for, during mass it will enrich what they are experiencing and after mass it will enhance what they just experienced.
  4. This is not a tool for distraction. It is not meant to take away the importance, significance and sanctity of the celebration of mass.
  5. Avoid using it during consecration and direct your child’s attention to the lifting of the body and blood of christ. Doing this at appropriate times at mass shows to your child that these moments demand greater attention. They will learn from you.
  6. If your child is old enough to follow and read from the Bible, prayer booklet, Hymn book and can join in the responses, we encourage you to allow him/her to do so during the celebration. That should be a priority over the worksheets.
  7. You are the biggest teachers of faith for your children. They will learn from watching you more than anything else. Worksheets, books, reading, stories, experiences are added
    tools to deepen their experience so be mindful of how your actions, behaviour and tone creates a lasting impression on your child’s experience at church.
  8. These worksheets are copyright protected and meant for personal use only.
  9. Each single purchase permits multiple prints per family.  Please refrain from forwarding/distributing or using them for groups.
  10. You will receive a digital product only, no physical product will be sent to you.
  11. If you wish to use these worksheets for a class/group/course/retreat, please email me.